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My Cane Corso Asia

I need surgery! Can you help me?

Hi my name is Asia.  I am owned and loved by my mommy, Nancy.  I recentely tore both of my cruciate ligaments and now I need surgery to repair them.  Unfortunately, my mommy doesn't have the money to pay for my surgeries right now.  My daddy moved out and mommy has to pay all of the bills by herself now, and she has even gotten a second job to make ends meet.  Mommy has set up a donation fund for anyone who feels so inclined to help me get my surgery.  Even if it's just a dollar, it will still help out!  My surgeries are going to cost my mommy $3000.00.  If you can help with my surgery cost, Mommy and I would be very greatful!  If you can't we understand and are just happy that you took the time to view our website!  Thank you all!
Asia, and her Mommy

Update on my first surgery and second surgery.

Here I'll add an entry whenever I make an update to my web site.

8/18/05 - Started writing site and added new photos.
8/22/05 - Went and talked to the vet about her hurting her other leg. Scheduled surgery for 8/23/05.
8/23/05 - Dropped Asia off at the vet's at 8am.  At 3pm I called to check on her and she was on the operating table at that moment.  Called back at 5:15pm and she was resting and doing well, was told to call at 10am on 8/24.
8/24/05 - Called the vets at 10am, was told that Asia could come home.  Decided to leave work at noon and take the rest of the day off to stay at home with Asia. I will post pictures of her incision later today! Asia woke up at 3am whining so I gave her a rimadyl chewable and she went back to sleep. She woke up at 6:30 and vomited up her dinner from the evening before, but she did eat and keep down her breakfast. 
8/25/05 - I left Asia in her crate while I went to work today.  I went home at lunch time to check on her and she was doing well.  When I got home at 5pm she was still doing well.  She ate her dinner and for the rest of the evening and night I left her out of her crate so she could stretch out and relax some.  No more whining, or vomiting, and she is putting more weight on the leg.
8/26/05 - This morning she ate her breakfast and had a little easier time with the two steps (with my help) out into the yard to do her business. I will add more pictures of her and her incision tonight.
9/8/05 - I got my staples removed today and the dr said it looks good!  I am going to have my second surgery on 9/23/05. 
9/9/05 - Good News.... I have lost 10lbs!  That means I only have to lose 15 to 20lbs more!  Then after the second surgery and my few weeks of healing mommy and I can start to go for walks and build up my muscle tone so that my hips don't get any worse than they already are!  I don't want that surgery too!
9/15/05 - Mommy and I want to send a very big THANK YOU to Mr. Jon for being the first person kind enough to donate to my surgery fund!  Good luck with getting your puppy in November and keep in touch!  Thank you again!
9/17/05 - Mommy and I want to send a very big THANK YOU to Miss Andrea, Mr. Jon's girlfriend!  We were so touched with your donation it brought tears to our eyes!  You have no idea how much this means to both of us!  Thank you again!
9/21/05 - I feel GREAT!  I've been rolling around on the living room floor and acting like a goofball!  I've been playing like I was only a puppy again!  Today I got my last injection and they told mommy that I've now lost a total of 12 lbs!!!  I hope mommy doesn't make me try to loose the last 18lbs and decides that when I've lost 20lbs that its enough..... I am really hungry.... but I know mommy knows best!
9/20/05 - Only 3 more days until I have my second surgery.  I'm getting nervous and so is Mommy.
9/22/05 - My vet called mommy today.  They want to postpone my surgery until next Tuesday.  Mommy agreed because they are having visitors from another vets office located in Pittsburgh PA who want to stand in and observe my surgery. I'm not sure I like the idea of people I don't know watching me while I am asleep but mommy says that I would be helping them to learn how to help other doggies who end up needing this surgery!  I guess its ok since it will help others like me in the future!  Mommy and I will keep you updated.

Hi, my name is Asia. I am a Cane Corso.
I need surgery! Can you help with the cost?

Please help me get the surgery I need!  My mommy and I would be forever greatful for any amount you can donate! Thank you with sloppy wet kisses.



Please be sure to get in touch with any comments or reactions you have to my site.

Please help me get the surgery I need!  My mommy and I would be forever greatful for any amount you can donate! Thank you with sloppy wet kisses.

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Please consider helping my mommy pay for my surgery.